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A very big ‘thank you’ for going the extra mile. The visits to Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and of course Cabot’s museum, and not to forget the avaition museum. That in itself deserves a separate thank you.
Michael and Lisa
Johor, Malaysia
The sky is falling…the sky was falling! Then to my rescue came Palm Springs Errands and More! As a Bostonian, I had no idea the water pipes were buried under a cement slab. The plumber arrived; jack hammered out my tiles and efficiently fixed the hole in the pipe. When he said he was finished, I asked “What about the hole?” “When are you coming back to fix that?” “Oh, that’s your job.”
As the sky was falling, I shared my plight with Jody and he came to my rescue! The tile hunt was on. Jody found tile that was a perfect match! Not only did he find the perfect tiles, (he brought me a sample to make sure), he ordered what I needed, picked them up and delivered them and placed them in the room with the hole.
Jody is efficient, trustworthy and most importantly a blast to work with!!
Palm Springs Errands and More is a small business owners dream come true.

He shops for the office supplies that no one told me we were low on. 
(He does seem to know where the lower prices are).
And here is a great thing he does....He is my employee for the day.
Someone had called in sick.  Jody came and filled the spot.  He answered phones, answered some questions for my customers, among other things.  It was like my own on-call personal assistant.

I love this guy.

A big Thank you.

Ronald W.
Palm Desert
What a blessing and a time saver.
I have to travel into Los Angeles 3-5 times a week.  How can I get things done without having to sacrifice my weekend?  Why, Call Palm Springs Errands and More of course.

Costco shopping..done.  Dry cleaning...done.  Car service (oil change, carwash)...done.

What is especially convenient is the package deal.  I pay for 8 hours and I get 10.
He lets me know when I am running low, and I purchase again.
It's great knowing that I have hours 'in the bank', in case something else needs to be done and I am out of the area.

Thanks again.

K. Marks
Palm Springs

My wife and I are so happy with Palm Springs Errands and More.
They take care of so many things for us, from being our pet taxi to taking our 4 legged kids to the vet.
And there is that ever present smile.  No matter if it is an early morning task or one that is in the evening, he smiles. You can tell that he LOVES what he does.

Thank you, Palm Springs Errands and More.

J. and K. Miller
Palm Desert